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Hey Baby

Hey baby, sweet darling...
you've been on my mind all night,
l was just tossing and turning,
Baby, I couldn't sleep a wink tonight.
It may be a little early to say but...
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
So I decided I'd get up,
and maybe write you a few lines.
l miss you more than l can say,
but we know it's more than that.
l'm just so crazy about you,
seriously, I can't wait until you get back.
Oh my sweet sweet love,
you don't know what you've done for me.
l have never known such happiness,
l'm happier than a man deserves to be.
You have lit the fires in my heart,
you woke the passion and the hunger.
Oh sweet darling take my hand,
ya know, we ain't getting any younger.
You know l'm crazy bout you woman,
l just hope this isn't all just a dream,
You're as sweet as the come...
truly the best my eyes have ever seen.
l wanna wrap my arms around you,
hold you tight and never let you go.
Ya know, l'm mad about you girl...
just in case you didn't already know,
l wanna hold you til the dawn,
and literally kiss you all over.
You're the only one in my heart,
Girl, there can never be another.
l am head over heals in love...
finally my searching is done.
l can't help but feel blessed....
in my heart I know you're the one.
Babe, l tried my best to sleep, but...
I honestly couldn't sleep a wink all night.
So I decided that I'd get up and
write you these few loving, tender lines❤

Trees says

Green leafs cover the trees
with brigĥtness of oxygen
With all beautiful song of birds

When birds singing
on the trees
all perhaps coming
in my eyesight

Ya, smiling face of children's
struggling of common people
for build a beautiful world
and all well done of men for making a beautiful nations

again, trees says greenvelly of our mind
says about stability of life rhythm
says about
beautiful atmosphere of world

Such trees
I can also says about
Purity of heart
Purity of mind
and brightness of sunshine
To making a beautiful rhythm
for our countrymen.

swapna Borthakur
Jorhat, Assam

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